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About Our Company

Launch Kit Helps Business Owners Present Their Ideas.

Our Mission

Your Website Becomes An Asset

Our mission is to make it possible for Grand Rapids small businesses to have a well-built, updated website that functions as an asset to their company. Work with your dedicated Launch Kit Team Member to keep your site up to date with new content and information.

Solid Foundation
We think of a website as the backbone of your online presence. All touchpoints online link back to your website.
Authentic Content
By taking the extra step to create authentic content, you are allowing the true character of your business to shine through.
Updated Information
Customers feel comfortable when they visit your website and find exactly what they are looking for. User experience starts online.
How We Pull It Off

Clear Communication

Our website design process is built to inspire your brand. By utilizing the latest technologies for communication, scheduling and development, we have been able to create a fresh experience that gets you feeling motivated.

Along the way you are likely to discover solutions that you can implement in your own business. Our partnerships are about discovering new ideas that inspire you to grow your company.