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Website Membership

Business Pro A-La-Carte Discount

Business Pro members receive 15% off on all Launch Kit a-la-carte creative services. These projects are quoted on a per-project basis depending on the scope of work. Discount will be shown in the project estimate and invoices.

Website Updates

Update requests are to be submitted via ClickUp. Page content updates are typically done in 1-3 business days. New page development updates are typically done in 7-10 business days. At the end of the day, we're human being located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, turnaround times may vary.

Blog, Portfolio & Job Listing Posts

As a Business Pro member, you have can send Launch Kit material that is to be posted on your blog, portfolio and job listing systems. Launch Kit is here to help with updates made to the collection structure and handle posting, but the member is responsible for writing their own articles.

Change Membership Plan

Members may upgrade or downgrade their website plan at any time. Downgrading plans may result in loss of features.

Membership Cancelation

Members are welcome to cancel their plan at any time if they are not happy with Launch Kit's service. Launch Kit will temporarily take down the member's website with the ability to reactivate it if the member wishes to reactivate their plan. Launch Kit remains the owner of its member websites for security, hosting and maintenance.

Website Buy Out

Businesses grow, teams change. Website members always have the option to buy out their website at any time. For example, a small boutique might grow into a nationwide vendor. If the member wishes to still utilize the Launch Kit designed site, they can buy out the website and we will transfer ownership. The business will then become responsible for all hosting, domain, and security. Launch Kit will still be available for support billed at $100/hour.

Essentials: $4,200
Business Pro: $5,400
Master Suite: $7,080

E-Commerce: +$1,000

Website Hosting

All member websites are hosted via Webflow hosting services. Launch Kit is not responsible for any hosting-related technical difficulties, downtime, or data loss. Launch Kit will however represent the member and work with Webflow to troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may arise.

Portfolio Feature

Launch Kit will by default feature members' websites in its Portfolio. If a client wishes to not be present in the portfolio, Launch Kit will refrain from featuring them.

Graphic Design Membership

Design Queue

Design requests are fulfilled one at a time based on the order of your queue. Members are welcome to organize their queue based on priority.

Turnaround Times

We are proud to have in-house, local designers. We aim to achieve the following turnaround times based on project size. See menu for project size. Turn arounds are not guaranteed, they are subject to vary based on demand.

Small: 1-2 business days
Medium: 2-3 business days
Large: 3-4 business day
Extra Large: custom quoted

Membership Cancellation

Members are welcome to cancel anytime and keep the designs that Launch Kit has created for them. No hard feelings, you're welcome back anytime.

Social Media Management

MK Media Mangement

Each member is a client of Launch Kit's with social media management services currently being subcontracted to MK Media Managment. This is subject to change. Launch Kit is to handle all billing and expenses.

Account Credentials

Account credentials are filed in Launch Kit's 1Password Teams vault as Secure Data. Secure Data are the data that we are not capable of decrypting under any circumstance. It includes all information stored within vaults in 1Password accounts. These data are encrypted using secure cryptographic keys that exist only in the possession and under the control of your Launch Kit team representatives.

Launch Kit or MK Media Management is not responsible for technical difficulties or security breaches that arise due to 1Password.

Public Relations

Launch Kit or MK Media Management is not responsible for any press, public relations or company news that is associated with social media activity  that were approved by the member.

Posting Frequency

The stated posting frequency listed on the Content Membership webpage is a goal. This actual frequency is subject to change.

Content Membership

Media Ownership

Member has ownership rights to their photo and video content upon delivery. In the event that a membership is canceled, the member retains ownership of their photo and video content.

Production Scheduling

We ask that content production days are scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Availability is subject to change based on your videographer or photographers schedule.

Production Frequency

The stated production days per month listed on the Content Membership webpage is a goal. This actual frequency is subject to change.

Content Delivery

Content will be delivered via Google Drive.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Policy, you can contact our team or write us by mail at:

89 Ionia Ave NW, STE 100
Grand Rapids, MI