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Working Together To Foster Growth

Combining skillsets creates the opportunity for both personal and professional growth. We aim to bring together the brightest minds in design, development, productivity, and management.
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Launch Kit's office is located downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Ionia Ave. Look for the space with matte black exterior trim and glass windows facing Ionia Ave; come on in.
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We believe the work environment should be in line with the task performed. Work from home can be beneficial for deep work while the office is excellent for collaboration.
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We're a young organization that values doing things right to allow for long-term, sustainable success. We believe investing in knowledge opens the door for enhanced productivity.

Our Team's Core Values


We seek continuous improvement by having a growth mindset so that we can sharpen our craft.


An integral part of building a business whether it be during logo design, web design, or content creation.


Internally and externally. We value productive communication as a means to deliver a high-quality user experience.
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