Brand Identity Design

Connect with your audience across all touch points with a feature packed Brand Kit full of digital and print assets.
Your own logo as a monogram pattern.
Secure your brand as an NFT on ethereum blockchain.
Dive deep with a printed brand guide book.
Rollout your identity with announcement material.
"Brand Identity takes into account all visual elements associated with your company. We are designing a system that is built with future growth in mind."
Michael Bova
Lead Designer
Our Brand Identity Package

What's Included?

We develop your official brand kit made up of logo, color, and font in all necessary file types and color ways. Files are packaged up in your official company Brand Kit for easy access.
  • Primary Logo
  • Condensed Logo
  • Minted NFT
  • PANTONE Color Palette
  • Advanced Font Selection
  • Brand Guide Book
  • Stylesacpe
  • 2 Brand Patterns
  • Business Card Design
  • Questionnaire Workshop
  • Announcement Graphics
  • Enhanced Exploration
  • FB & LinkedIn Banners
  • Social Media Profile Phtoos
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Brand Identity At A Glance

What's up with the NFT logo?
We mint your logo on the Ethereum blockchain via Once minted, ownership is transferred to your wallet where you are now the owner of your logo in the metaverse.
What is a brand guide book?
Your brand guide book is the ultimate coffee table piece that should be shared with all internal team members. It explains your branding identity and how to use it. This makes sure that all team members are up to date and on the same page.
Why own your logo as an NFT?
With the development of the metaverse, we believe it will be a goldrush to secure your company branding in the digital space. Securing your identity will lock down your identity for digital use.
What is a brand monogram pattern?
This is a pattern that we design based on your logo. This pattern can then be used across various applications such as bags, apparel, stationery, and digital graphics.
What do you mean by announcement material?
We create 2-3 digital graphics that are perfect for announcing your new brand identity across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and your blog.
What does Advanced Font Selection mean?
The Brand Identity package unlocks the opportunity to explore the use of custom licensed fonts. This allows us to dive a bit deeper into creative possibilities. Launch Kit purchased one desktop license for the customer and then additional licenses can be purchased by the customer if need be.
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