Why We Provide Websites As A Membership

Why We Provide Websites As A Membership

The Beginning

Why do it this way? Great question, I’m glad you asked. Launch Kit provides websites as a membership program because a website should be seen as an active element that evolves alongside your business. It starts out as an initial foundation. A foundation that represents your products, services, values, and team members. This is the core of your business. From there it grows alongside you. As new aspects of your business pop up, your website should be updated to reflect that.

Launch Kit started providing websites as a membership program when we realized that even after a website was designed, built and published, there was still work to do. It didn't make sense for us to just publish the site, hand over the keys and be on our way. A small business owner does not need to be spending their time trying to figure out how to manage the back end of their website. Their time is much better spent on other aspects of their business.

Problems With Traditional Website Design Methods

When we first started Launch Kit we saw two problems in the website design industry. The first was the ongoing work situation, a website is never really finished. The second was that small businesses didn't have the cash to write a check for the full cost of a website upfront. A website is a company asset that works for you day and night. It’s like an employee that’s always on the clock. Paying for a website upfront would be like giving your employee a single lump sum check for the years of work ahead. Seems crazy right? We say the same thing about traditional website design. There had to be a better way. 

Our Solution

Our website membership program is designed for businesses who are ready to professionally present themselves online. We build them a unique site that functions as the backbone of their online presence. All their social media channels, advertisements, and profiles all link back to the website.

We provide businesses with everything they need to get online. We handle the hosting, security, backup, storage, essentially all the technical support that comes along with having a website. Our systems are designed to take that worry off your plate. We’ve got it covered.

We also provide in-person support whenever you need it. We’re here in town so send us an email and we’ll grab coffee and talk about your updates. We’ll head back to the office and get the updates made. By utilizing effective communication and scheduling techniques we are able to focus on your business needs and designs that align with your branding.

How To Get Started

A website project is now easier than ever to get started. We run through the project, initiate your website membership and get to work. No upfront cost, no contracts, that’s how confident we are in our product. Let’s get to work.

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