Improve Your Business's SEO - Under An Hour Per Month For Free

Improve Your Business's SEO - Under An Hour Per Month For Free

Discover a simple yet powerful way to boost your business's online presence. Learn how writing regular website articles can elevate your SEO strategy.

What Else Should I Be Doing?

If you're like me, you often wonder - "what else could I be doing to improve my business's marketing? Our online presence. Our SEO. Our website."

I'm here today to give you a no-nonsense, tangible way to contribute to your business and move the needle forward consistently.

The Short Answer

Once per month, sit down for one hour, have a coffee, and write a piece material for your website.

In other words: Write an article, newsletter, case study, or portfolio piece that will end up featured on your business's website.

Why Writing is Important For Your Business's SEO

Well, it's likely that, given your position, you possess a unique set of knowledge in your industry. Plenty of other people would enjoy hearing what you have to say. People enjoy hearing others speak on matters they are passionate about and skilled in.

"By sharing your thoughts, experience, and wisdom, you position yourself and your business as an industry expert." - Kevin Kamis

What To Write About

Suppose we're on board with the "why" behind this concept. Let me give you an example of what we're looking to do; then, I'll break down how I succeeded.

Me (Kevin Kamis) - I started Launch Kit in 2020. I've developed a unique set of knowledge on small business marketing, technology, productivity, and small team leadership. Thankfully, I also happen to be quite passionate about those topics.

I write industry-related articles and project portfolio pieces for Launch Kit's website. Below are examples of what I'm talking about.

Example 1 - 7-Step Guide to Crafting an Effective Online Presence

Example 2 - Biked - Web, Content, Social Media by Launch Kit

Example 3 - Track Essential Business Metrics On A Weekly Basis For Free

Now that we understand the why and the final result, let's go over how we get there.

How To Make It Happen

My Workflow For Writing Articles

  1. I started an ongoing list of topics I would be interested in discussing.
  2. Once per month, I select a topic that's going to be the topic for the month.
  3. I write best early in the morning when everything is quiet around the house. I make coffee, sit on the couch, and type a rough draft of the article on my phone using Notion. At this point, I'm focused on getting my thoughts down on paper—stream-of-consciousness style.
  4. Once my thoughts are complete, I close the phone and walk away. When the time is right, I revisit my rough draft, this time on the computer. At this stage, I'm revising verbiage and adding relevant images, hyperlinks, videos, etc. My article is beginning to take shape.
  5. If you have a team who can help you with this, you will hand it over to your marketing team or web designer so they can put the finishing touches and upload it to your company website. (We provide this service to our clients via the web membership program.)

That's it. Do that once a month, and at the end of the year, you'll now have 12 genuine articles written by you (not an AI robot) that you're proud of. Articles have a tremendously long shelf life, making them an asset that provides value for years. Like how Jim Collin's wrote Good to Great in 2001 and it's still highly relevant today. Didn't you ever think you'd be an author? Well, now you are.

Pro Tips

  1. Set up a list where you can quickly write down any content ideas you have. Then, when it's time to write, you simply pick an idea from your "idea garden." - this is the same method we use for selecting ideas with our content + social media clients.
  2. Set a recurring calendar event or to-do list item to help you remember to do this routine each month. I use Google Calendar and Things 3.
  3. Find a writing time that works for you. One of the biggest reasons I'm able to do this consistently and look forward to doing it, is that I've found a time that work well for me. I can't wait to get out of bed, make that first cup of coffee (in the Chemex), and settle into the couch to write.
  4. Find a writing method that works for you. Like I said, I enjoy writing rough drafts on my phone. It feels intentionally less polished than my computer. I can type quickly without getting distracted by other items that may be on my computer. That's not to say a blank Google Doc may be the move for you. Or maybe a piece of paper and a pen. Seriously, anything works.
  5. Don't get caught up on any technical hurdles. Trust your team to put the final touches on making it SEO-optimized and formatted for the website. That's where they provide value. You provide value from the unique set of knowledge you possess. Right people, right seats.

I hope that you found this information inspiring, clear, and tangible. Writing was never something I enjoyed in school, but once I began to develop my industry knowledge, I found writing to be a wonderful way of sharing my thoughts with those around me, including you.

Ultimate Tip

If you've made it this far, I'll share with you my ultimate tip for building your business's online presence across marketing channels.

"Write the blog article, post it on your website. Make a full-length YouTube video talking about the topic, post it on your company YouTube. Compose a email newsletter using about 50% of the blog article info, let the reader know they can visit your YouTube or blog to learn more. Craft at least one social media post based on 25% of the blog article info and post it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Think of this as the trailer. Do this any you've successfully taken a multi-channel marketing approach." - Kevin Kamis

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