2024 Launch Kit Brand Development Offerings Overview

2024 Launch Kit Brand Development Offerings Overview

Learn about the latest brand development offerings from Launch Kit. From streamlined Logo Design to comprehensive Brand Design, each package is finely tuned for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our Latest Brand Development Offerings

This week at Launch Kit, we are rolling out our 2024 brand development offerings. Over the years, we've gotten to work with dozens of small to medium-sized business owners. While listening to their priorities, we took notes on what their ideal brand development packages would include. Years of notes have led to where we are at today.

Today, we introduced our best brand development packages ever. They are fine-tuned to various business types. At Launch Kit, our mission is changing what it means to be local. By crafting an intentional experience, we create inspiring designs that connect businesses with their community.

Logo Design

We began with Logo Design. We found that all business owners share the same desire to present their business through an established logo and recognizable colors. To provide this, we created a streamlined process that allows the Launch Kit design team to understand your operation, create a mood board, and produce a one-of-a-kind logo accompanied by a defined color palette, all for just $1,500.

Read more about Logo Design here.

Identity System

For customers looking to create identity across various touch points, we introduced Identity System. This customizable package takes logo design one step further by including the stylescape, font pairings, graphic design material, photo content, and video material. This feature-packed bundle creates consistency across digital and print applications.

Read more about Identity System here.

Brand Design

For businesses looking to understand their purpose, we introduced Brand Design - our most thorough brand development process. Featuring in-depth conversations exploring your mission, vision, values, customer personas, and market analysis, we can craft a brand that resonates with your target market. An investment in Brand Design sets the stage for your business to be around for the next 100 years.

Read more about Brand Design here.


We're thankful for every Launch Kit customer who has allowed us to learn something new every day. We've taken this knowledge and developed meaningful offerings that will positively impact the business community around us. We look forward to connecting with you on your next brand development project.

Compare brand development deliverables, pricing, and processes on this page here.

Logo Kit, Identity System, and Brand Design are available beginning today. To get started, use this link to schedule your Discovery Call with Kevin. 

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