What Type of Businesses Launch Kit is A Good Fit For

What Type of Businesses Launch Kit is A Good Fit For

Discover how Launch Kit transforms local businesses like Biked, Green Shield Decks, and Scholar Restaurant. Elevate your brand, engage customers, and generate leads with our proven marketing strategy.

Launch Kit has found the best fit with local businesses that use marketing to raise brand awareness, educate potential customers about their offerings, and use their website and digital profiles to generate leads.

A few of our clients include Biked, Scholar Restaurant, and Green Shield Decks. We appreciate all our clients equally, but for the purpose of this article, let’s take a look at our strategies for each of these local businesses.

Biked - a local bike repair shop.

  1. SMM - We use their digital profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok) to share cycling-related content. The play here is to keep Biked’s name top of mind with the enthusiasts and also educate new customers about the services Biked provides. The result is that when Grand Rapids, Michigan, residents need to get their bike repaired, they think of Biked and its user-friendly service.
  2. Website - We direct traffic to Biked’s website, where users can see tune-up pricing, hours of operation, shop address, and, most importantly - schedule appointments.

Green Shield Decks - the ultimate composite deck builder.

  1. Content - With Green Shield, we produce content three days per month. This typically looks like us joining one of their crews at a job site, a local trade show, or even their office. We’re capturing content that shows behind the scenes of Green Shield’s impressive operation. In under five years, Adam Rought has built one of the most reputable organizations here in West Michigan. Through photo and video, we capture Adam’s passion for building an amazing business that his team members are proud to call home.
  2. Social Media - We post daily content on all of Green Shield’s social media profiles. This ensures that when you’re riding down virtually any highway in Grand Rapids, and you see one of their billboards, as a passenger, you type their name into any platform and find an updated profile with content showing what’s going on at the company. This up-to-date relevance builds consumer confidence that Green Shield Deck Builders is undoubtedly the best choice for their next home deck project.

Scholar Restaurant - timeless American right downtown.

  1. Branding - Brand development is the equivalent of a solid house foundation. You wouldn’t expect to build a masterpiece on top of quicksand. With Scholar, we made sure to take all the right steps from the very beginning. The result is a case study of brand consistency from the logo to the exterior, interior, menu, and digital presence. We actually did a case study on this project, here.
  2. Content - With the brand identity in place, thanks to our Brand Design process, we could step into the restaurant and create photo and video material that was truly consistent with all other touch points. Launch Kit creates content two times per month with Scholar Restaurant. This ranges from food/drink content, behind-the-scenes in the kitchen, events, and specials, and getting to know the team members who make it all happen. This content we create is then used on the website, social media profiles, and in advertisements.
  3. Website - Now that we have branding and content. Building a high-powered, search-engine-optimized, mobile-friendly website was a breeze. We made all the right moves in building a website that introduces Scholars to newcomers and delivers all the essential information. The Scholar team elected to use OpenTable for reservations, so we encourage users to book a table there. This is the website turning visitors into actual revenue.
  4. SMM - Launch Kit started from scratch with Scholar Restaurants social media profiles. It feels like just yesterday we were setting up their accounts, and now they have an audience of over 6,000 users. With an audience of that size, a simple post talking about this week's menu specials can make waves in the community. Like they always say in business - “your network is your net worth.” In our social media marketing world, having an active audience is an extremely powerful tool for sharing news and driving revenue.

We appreciate you taking time today to read about some of our recent projects. Launch Kit is always welcoming new clients to our community. We’d love to learn about your operation, review what you’re currently doing for marketing, and look at what a connected marketing system would be like. We have different packages that serve startups all the way up to established local businesses.

To get started, visit our Contact Us page and send us a message. We’ll take it from there. Enjoy your day!

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