Track Your Business's Content Marketing - Free Reporting Tool

Track Your Business's Content Marketing - Free Reporting Tool

Track your content marketing progress with Launch Kit's Content Marketing Scorecard. Elevate your social media marketing strategy with actionable insights. Get started for free today.


A simple way to track your content marketing progress on a monthly basis. This is the Content Marketing Scorecard.

Create A Copy of The Launch Kit Content Marketing Scorecard

This is a tool we use here at Launch Kit, it's been super helpful for working with clients to create photo and video content, run their social media accounts and track the progress we're making. Best of all, it's built using just a Google Sheet so you can click the link in the video description to make a copy and setup your own scorecard.

Rows - A row for each months goal and actual.

Columns - The KPI's you're looking to track.

Default KPI's

By default, we track a handful of metrics. Feel free to swap them out for metrics relevant to your business.

  1. Posts - How many times did we post this months across platforms?
  2. Impressions - How many impressions did we generate?
  3. Audience - What is our audience size?
  4. Website Traffic - How many people visited our website?
  5. Google My Business Engagements - How many people engaged with our business profile


When doing organic content marketing for your business it's important that you correctly define success. We have a handful of clients that come to us and they only have their eyes on leads and sales. Believe me, leads and sales are great, content marketing does help generate both, but you can't have your head buried in the sand only looking at these two KPI's otherwise you'll miss out of other really greats wins.

So if leads and sales aren't the only thing we're looking for, what else are we looking for? Good question. Right now, the top successes we're seeing are talent acquisition, positioning for fundraising, community impact, and culture building. When you activate consistent content marketing, you're building out your businesses online presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Google My Business. By doing so you're creating a network of digital connections. Yes, this network can lead directly to sales, but the real win is in the network.

For example we just had a client tell us that during their hiring process, the candidate mentioned that they wanted to join their company because the office culture that was showcased on their instagram was exactly what they were looking for. We had another client mention when meeting with prospective customers, the customer was more comfortable from the get go because they had seen the sales team member in Facebook videos. Those are the kind of success stories we're looking for.

Using The Scorecard

Setting Goals

  1. Posts - How many times do you want to post this month?
  2. Impressions - Start by looking at where you're currently at. We use Metricool to figure out impression analytics. Based on where you're at currently, set a reasonable goal. Say a 2%-5% increase from what you did last month. Do this for a year straight and you'll experience a 24%-60% increase. That's significant. If you're not currently posting, just set a starting point, say 100 impressions. Gotta start somewhere.
  3. Audience - Start with where you are currently. Apply a 2%-5% increase.
  4. Web Traffic - We use Google Analytics for collecting this data. If you don't have GA4 active, ask your marketing to set it up. If you don't have someone capable, message us, it's included in our website program. Look at how much traffic you had last month. Use that as a starting point. Apply a 2%-5% increase. Google Analytics will also tell you how many people came from each social platform.
  5. Google My Business - We recommend only tracking metrics relevant to your business. For example, if you're a manufacturing business, tracking directions to your office might not be relevant. Whereas if you are a restaurant, that would be a very important metric.

Recording Actual

Once the month is closed, fill in your actual data to see how you compared to your goals. You'll begin to see how things are connected. If you fail to post, you can't expect impressions. If you don't get impressions, you won't grow your audience. If you don't grow your audience, you can't expect website traffic.

Half the battle is showing up. Post consistently and you'll be ahead of 75% of the competition.

Now it's time to set goals for the following month. You'll notice that once you have a few months of data, it's easier to set more realistic goals. With our clients, we collect data for three month before setting goals. This gives us chance to warm up the accounts, and get a feel for the type of content that the audiences resonates best with.

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Looking For Help?

If you put the scorecard to work, create content, and grow your audience - amazing. We're stoked for you.

If you find that you could use help with content ideas, video production, photography, editing, caption writing and uploading, send us a message, this is a core offering of Launch Kit's via our Content + Social Media Program. Launch Kit works with small to medium sized businesses on a monthly routine to build their online presence across networks.

Email to get started.

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