The Business Pro Plan Website Membership

The Business Pro Plan Website Membership

Business Pro Plan - Explained

We set out to create a website offering that included all necessities of a small business website as well as some firepower to help your business really present itself online. We wanted to allow small businesses to showcase their past projects, case studies, team members, blog articles and job listings. We believe these are items that elevate your online presence.

The Business Pro plan has become our bread and butter offering that helps businesses shine. This plan allows us to grow your website traffic by producing active content on a 10-20 page website.

Active Content:
Business Pro websites include the ability to create “Content Management Systems.” This is the infrastructure necessary to have a blog, project portfolio, case studies, job listings or team member pages. Think of anything you can add items to over time.

Posting active content on your website shows users that your business is engaged and up to date on its activities.

Enhanced SEO:
By posting active content such as blogs, projects, case studies and job listings, you are continuously showing Google that you are an active business. Adding new collection list pages to your website increased the number of keywords, thus giving Google a thorough understanding of your business.

By showcasing your work and writing content about your area of expertise, you are seen as an educator in the space, someone I’d like to do business with.

3rd Party Widgets:
Open up the door to increased functionality. The Business Pro plan includes the ability to bring 3rd party software into your Webflow site. We currently offer instagram feed, pop up message and age verification widgets at no additional cost. Any software that your business uses and would like to integrate, we can also do so at no additional cost. For example, The James Boutique and Salon in Ada, Michigan uses Vagaro to book appointments with stylists. Launch Kit was able to link to Vagaro right from their website.

• Instagram feed - free
• Pop up message - free
• Age verification - free
• Eventbrite events
• Store locator
• Live Chat
• Appointment booking

15% Off Creative Services:
A suite of services that complement each other. Launch Kit takes a branding first approach to everything. We believe in intentional design that authentically presents your business. We embrace this by offering photography, videography and graphic design services, all of which can play nicely with your website. A lot of times we plan a photo or video shoot at the start of a website project so that we are armed with fresh content.

Business Pro members receive 15% off all a-la-carte services.

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