How We Use ClickUp With Website Members

How We Use ClickUp With Website Members

A New Way To Collaborate

We’re excited to implement a new collaboration tool for our Website Members. Each member will have their own project management space within ClickUp. This will be our homebase for task management, communication and whiteboard brainstorming.

Utilization of this tool will allow our members to experience a seamless, always-up-to-date experience for developing and requesting updates on their website. It’s important to us that all members feel comfortable and productive in the space.

List View

Your space is built upon the list view. List view is where all tasks live. Tasks are categorized by which party is responsible. This makes it clear and concise who is responsible for what and when.

List View

Doc View

The Doc is an ongoing document that is great for writing copy and fleshing out ideas. Each website page has a heading that helps organize where content lives on the website. This is perfect for providing business information that your Launch Kit designer can then polish and move over to the website.

Chat View

The chat is our space for all communication. Gone are the days of remembering to CC everyone on an email. By having all team members in on the chat, everyone is able to be looped in on what’s happening.

To submit a request, we ask that you use this chat. Your web designer has notifications turned on so they will be notified right away.

Whiteboard View

The whiteboard view is great for visualizing the layout of web pages and how they are connected. We use this for creating the website sitemap.

We’re Always Here to Help

If your team has questions at any time, we’re here to help. A quick 15 minute Zoom call is a great way allow us to show you around the space. It’s important to us that all team members feel comfortable and productive in the space.

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