How to Plan Your Social Media Posts

How to Plan Your Social Media Posts

Keeping up with your business social media can feel like a burden if you don't have a well-defined process. We've found the key to creating consistent business content is getting ahead instead of constantly feeling behind. Sounds great, but how do you consistently do that? We'll tell you.

Make an Idea Garden

This first key concept is to create a list that we call the "Idea Garden." Whenever you have an idea for a social media post, write it down here. It needs to be in a place that is easily accessible. Ideas will come to you when in the shower, driving, laying in bed at night, the list goes on. Just make sure your list is in a place where you can write the idea down without getting distracted by details. The key is to write the idea down, then forget about it. Don't let it weigh on your conscience. No need to act on it right this second.

Plan out your content

Now that you have an Idea Garden that has been populated with a handful of ideas, it's time to plan out when these ideas will come to life. Make another list and title it with the upcoming month. We'll use January for example. Now you can move ideas from your Idea Garden to a specific day in January.

This process will allow you to get a birds-eye view of the content that is to be created in the coming month. This is when the feeling of getting ahead starts to kick in.


Now that you have a clear road ahead of content that will be shared over the coming month, you can enjoy creating the content. Shoot photos, videos, create graphics and ultimately tell your story.

Schedule your posts

We use Social Pilot to schedule our content to be posted at a later date. This is the real powerhouse in getting ahead. In a given afternoon, we might create an entire week's worth of content. Batching your tasks allows you to get more done in a less time-consuming way.


Instagram Business posts are delivered to your phone as a reminder. Luckily Social Pilot has built a super user-friendly workflow for it. You receive a notification that it is time to post, it copies the caption, downloads the photos, and opens Instagram. Paste it all together and you're golden.


Fine-tuning this workflow has allowed us to enjoy creating content that we are passionate about instead of feeling stressed to get it done. It's fun thinking of new content ideas, writing them down, and then coming back to a populated list of ideas. Let us know if your team has developed any other useful methods, we love to learn new things!

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