The Content Membership Program

The Content Membership Program

The team here at Launch Kit is excited to roll out our new Content Membership Program. A photo and video membership that supplies your marketing team with monthly content.

The Situation

As a business in 2022, we all know the importance of photo and video content. Whether it's Tik Tok's around the office, company overview videos on YouTube, or product highlight photos on your website, quality content is the way to speak directly with your customers. Committing to consistency is what moves the needle.

The Problem

The tough part about content is the routine of consistently creating it. For most small businesses it's not realistic to have a full-time photographer and videographer on the W2 payroll. This is where Launch Kit can help.

The Solution

Launch Kit's Content Membership program allows you to partner up with our in-house creative team. We wrap up each month with a strategy meeting to plan our next month's content. Going into the new month, we have planned production days and a list of deliverables to be created.

On production days, we join your team at your office, project site, or any other local spot to create content. By planning out our shoots in advance we are able to efficiently create content during a half-day production.

Once our checklist of content is complete, we head back to our studio to fuel up on coffee and begin editing. Deliverables for the month are determined by your membership tier.

Launch Kit Content Membership Plans

Photo and video deliverables are sent over via Google Drive. We recommend you download them to your company storage location. For safekeeping, we always keep a backup on Google Drive.

As the month wraps up, we're ready to look forward to the month ahead. Plan our end-of-month strategy meeting and hit the ground running.

As time goes on, we are able get a deeper understanding of your brand. This helps us contribute ideas for content that are in line with your business goals.

To learn more about the content membership program, send us a message and we'll schedule a discovery call!


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