How To Stay Consistent With Your Business Social Media Content

How To Stay Consistent With Your Business Social Media Content

Unlock social media success for your small business with a proven routine. Discover how consistency fuels engagement and achieves business goals. Explore our monthly strategy now.

We’ve been creating organic social media content for quite some time and have found one standout key to success - “consistency

We’ve always heard people say, “Good things come with time.” Or “half the battle in showing up.” We couldn’t agree more. With organic social media for small to medium-sized businesses, the top factor for finding success over the next five years is to create a routine that ensures you remain consistent.

Below is an outline of the monthly routine that we follow with each client to ensure that they remain on track.

1. Pulse Meeting

In simplest terms, the pulse meeting is a one-hour Google Meet call to review analytics from last month, discuss this month's business priorities, write down content ideas, and select our production day(s).

Taking this time to focus, ground yourself, and be real about what the priorities are for the next 30 days helps you come up with content ideas that are directly in line with your business goals.


  • Client: “This month, we really need to land a new landscape design project.”
  • Us: Got it. What if we did the following videos - “Walkthrough Last Year's Top Project.” “Explain Your Process For Getting Started on a Landscape Project in Under 30 Seconds.” “Answer the top 3 FAQs people ask with regards to a landscape project.” “Top three ways to level up your outdoor living space for this summer.

See how once we had the business guidance of “we really need to land a new landscape project,” we were able to come up with video topics that were in line with the business goal. That’s how we can leverage organic social media to help achieve your goals.

Now that we have a handful of great content topics let’s select our next production day.

Finally, to remain consistent, let’s schedule our next pulse meeting. We like to do this the first week of each month.

Launch Kit Pulse Meeting

2. Production Days

Production days are the time to create a batch of media in a three-hour session. We go into production days with a list of photos/videos that will be created to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Production days typically take place at a job site, event, office, around town, etc.

Our goal is to create authentic content that shares your business story while being respectful of everyone’s time. Going into these days with a plan allows us to create a week of content in just three hours.

3. Editing

With all the photos and video captured from our production day, it’s time for us to make a coffee, put the headphones on, and begin editing. We’re editing the photo/video content to be formatted for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google MyBusiness, and YouTube.

We keep your edited material in a Google Drive structure that makes it super easy to find all the content that we have created for your business. We call this your media library. Over time, your media library become a valuable asset because we can pull content from there and use it in places like your website, ads, and other marketing material.

4. Posting

To stay on top of posting, we use two primary tools, ClickUp and Metricool.

  • ClickUp lets us see what content is currently in production, editing, and client review.
  • Metricool lets us take approved content and post it to your Facebook, Instagram, Google MyBusiness, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Let’s not forget that social media is indeed supposed to be “social.” We also us Metricool's central inbox feature to engage/respond to comments and messages. Our goal here is to have your business be an active part of its community.

5. Analytics

To close out the month, your social media manager compiles KPIs such as audience size, impressions, website visits, and post-performance. Reviewing this data during our upcoming pulse meeting will allow us to understand which media is performing best. We can then shift our ideas to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

We set goals for the entire year to give us a benchmark of where we want to be. Seeing that annual goal is a daily reminder that half the battle is showing up.


We hope this article brought clarity to how/why having a monthly routine for business social media content is so important. We’ve spent years crafting this plan, and it’s been incredibly fulfilling to see it have a positive impact on business in our community.

If you'd like to learn more about Launch Kit's photo/video + social media management packages, this page here outlines our pricing as well as information on how to get started.

Thank you for taking some time to read with us today. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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