How We Use Google My Business To Reach New Customers

How We Use Google My Business To Reach New Customers

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is the platform that features your business listing on Google. It's similar to a social media profile in that you fill out information about your business, add photos, and manage customer reviews

Odds are you have used the consumer end of Google My Business without even knowing it. When you look up a business on Google Maps, the results you see are Google My Business listings. Many business owners don't know that they have control over the information displayed on their listing.

Why Utilize Google My Business?

Attracting customers on Google is all about getting your name in front of their eyes. This means you want to cover as much of their screen as possible. Google My Business is great because when you search your business's name, the listing will take up the entire right side of the browser if done correctly. This is primetime real estate to deliver information to a potential customer.

As you can see here, we were able to fill the screen's entire right side with information about Alpine. This is sure to get the attention of a potential customer and point them in the right direction.

With the recent updates done to Google My Business, owners can feature their products, services, active deals, photos, videos, and more.

The more "complete" your business listing, the higher you will rank in Google's search results. Google favors businesses that have taken the time to utilize their platform and provide up-to-date, accurate information.


With any website design project, we always include a fully built Google My Business listing that links back to your new website. This helps establish credibility on Google and puts your business in front of potential customers.

As part of your website subscription package, we are here to make updates to your Google My Business listing as well. Have new photos you would like to feature? We'll get them added. Changing your hours for the offseason? We can get that updated as well.

By making periodic updates to your listing, it shows Google that you are an active business. Active businesses get placed higher in search results.

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