Emily Van Til

Emily Van Til

Graphic Designer


Emily Van Til joins the Launch Kit team in the Spring of 2024 as our Graphic Designer. Prior to the LK team, Emily attended Grand Valley State University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA, Graphic Design. She brings the team a deep understanding of page layout, vector art, color usage, and typography. These skills come together to provide clients with a top-notch Brand Development and Graphic Design project experience.


Based out of our office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Emily works directly with clients to help bring their values to life. She focuses mostly on Brand Development projects and ongoing work with clients via our graphic design offering.

We prepared a few fun questions for Emily; let's check them out.

Q&A With Emily Van Til

What's your favorite part of the logo design process?

This is probably the most simple yet complex question ever for me. If I could say every step, I would. My passion for logo design runs deep because it's always more than just a logo to me. It's a feeling.

I genuinely believe each designer has their own process for how they end up on their piece of art, but for me, it has to be the "ah HA" moment of crafting an innovative and unique idea and seeing the start of it translated onto the screen. There's nothing better than the feeling of that creative spark being lit and becoming giddy about your idea.

I also love collaborating with other creatives and getting their perspective to grow an idea further. If I could spend all day collaborating and innovating ideas, I would.

Big fan of problem-solving over here.

Describe your perfect weekend.

My perfect weekend entails waking up early and starting the day slow and relaxed, preferably outside with tea and enjoying the wildlife and pretty flowers in my yard with my husband.

Once the morning is done, I picture the perfect day as being warm so we can visit a pool and swim for hours.

Ending the night with dressing up for dinner and drinks and perhaps a bonfire after.

Sunday will be filled with relaxation and a fun hike outside. I'd love it if I had a chance over the weekend to work on any form of art, whether painting, sculpting, or anything crafty, that I could pull off Pinterest and try out.

In an ideal world, my artsy friends are by my side while doing this, bouncing more and more ideas off each other! 

What's one thing that always motivates you to do your best work?

One thing that always motivates me to do my best work is knowing I am ensuring my client's vision comes to life to its full extent, always pushing to go above and beyond.

I also get really geeked to start and/or improve a design when I listen to Podcasts or talks by inspirational designers or watch other designers create amazing work online. 

What's your favorite and least favorite font?

I am a die-hard Poppins fan. My group chat name with my three designer friends is named after this legacy of a font.

If any designer says anything besides Comic Sans or Papyrus for their least favorite, I'd question them. Haha! Just kidding.

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