Launch Kit Graphic Design Membership - Program Overview

Launch Kit Graphic Design Membership - Program Overview

Unlock seamless graphic design with Launch Kit's Graphic Design Membership. Elevate your brand effortlessly online and in-store. Join us now!

Our Newest Program

Welcome to our newest program. We're excited to roll this one out, it's been on our minds for the past year, and we've been thinking through a way to remove all red tape from graphic design. We set out to create a program that allows businesses to utilize their branding online and in-store without the need for DIY or another W2 employee. Welcome to our Graphic Design Membership program.

Graphic Design Membership Program Overview

When your business joins the Graphic Design Membership program, Launch Kit becomes an extension of your in-house team. We're here to design all digital and print graphics surrounding your business. Skip the quotes, billable hours, invoices, etc., and let's just focus on great design.

How To Submit A Design Request

Our goal is to make this as streamlined as possible. Each member will have their own space in our web app. From your space, you will be able to build your design queue. When you add a request to your queue, your Launch Kit designer is notified and will get to work. You can even chat directly with your dedicated designer to go over details, share files, or hop on a quick Zoom call. We're based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and all team members are in-house full-time employees.

How To Receive Design Files

Once your designer has an initial design ready for you to preview, they will message you on our app, where you can view your new design. We're always open to feedback, so feel free to provide us with your first impressions. If you would like to see a revision, just let us know and we'll get on it. As an extension of your team, it's in our best interest that your designs are top-notch and connect with your target market.

Once a design is finalized, we can send print-ready files and even native source files if you need the Illustrator, Indesign, or Photoshop files.

Membership Cost

Our Graphic Design Membership is $795/month. With this membership, you get access to our Graphics Menu, which can be seen here. If you're looking for something, not on our menu, just let us know, and we will accommodate. We continue to add new items to our menu as they are thought of. With your membership, there's no long-term commitment, so you are welcome to cancel anytime. The designs we've created during our partnership are yours to keep.

On our menu, you'll see projects categorized as Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. We do this to determine turnaround time. Extra Large projects are not included in your membership and are quoted separately. We do this to custom-tailor the project to your company's specific needs. The good news is Graphic Design Members get 50% off all Extra Large projects.

The Beauty of the Membership

As a local business with an all-in-house team, it's our priority to get to know our customers. By building a relationship with your designer, you allow your designer to get to know your brand better and better. The deeper we understand your style, tone, and voice, the quality of material we are able to create increases. Thus, your brand gets stronger and stronger over time. We see this as a win/win relationship for Launch Kit and your business. We're so excited to share this program with the world and look forward to building new connections with those around us.

How to Get Started

To get signed up, send us an email at to introduce yourself. We'd like to learn a bit about your business and answer any questions you might have. From there, we'll initiate your membership and schedule a kickoff workshop to get you set up. From there, you can begin building your design queue.

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