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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Launch Kit - Junior Graphic Designer

Job Title: Junior Graphic Designer


  • Work on brand development projects with Senior Designer, Michael Bova.
  • Design graphics for clients such as the items on our design menu here.
  • Communicate with graphic design members via ClickUp.
  • Contribute ideas for design, operations and technology improvements.


The Junior Graphic Designer will be the second team member in Launch Kit’s graphic design department. As Junior designer you will work closely with Senior Designer, Michael Bova on Brand Development projects that include efforts such as logo design, color palettes, font selection and brand strategy.

The Junior Graphic Designer will specialize in creating designs such as the items listed here on our menu.

Ideal Attributes For Success:

  • Enjoys creating material for local businesses in their community.
  • Enjoys being organized.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Open to learning new skills.
  • Eye for aesthetically pleasing UI and UX
  • Enjoys checking items off a to-do list.


  • Base salary. Bi-weekly direct deposit.
  • Downtown Grand Rapids parking garage pass.
  • Priority Healthcare plan (qualify to join plan after 6 months of employment)
  • Company issued 16” Macbook Pro.


  • Hybrid work model - Web designers are welcome to work from home or in the Launch Kit office.
  • The team typically works in the Launch Kit office or the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • The team typically works remotely on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • By default, the Launch Kit team only takes meetings on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and reserves Tuesdays and Thursdays for uninterrupted work.
  • Launch Kit is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Technology Used:

  • Launch Kit is a Mac based business.
  • Adobe Illustrator - graphics
  • Adobe InDesign - multi page layouts
  • Adobe Photoshop - photo manipulation
  • Adobe Illustrator - photo editing.
  • Gmail - email
  • Google Drive - file management
  • Google Calendar - Calendar system
  • Google Chat - internal communication.
  • Google Meet - video conferencing
  • ClickUp - project management and member communication.
  • Timely - time data log.
  • Canva - graphic assets and stock imagery.
  • All software provided by Launch Kit

Start Date:



The future for this position entails helping develop Launch Kit’s graphic design department. The department currently has 1 other team member.

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