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Web Membership Referral Program

Launch Kit's referral program allows users to earn a recurring discount on their web membership by welcoming in new businesses.
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Credit For Your Referrals

Earn A 10% Recurring Discount

When referring a fellow business to the program, you receive 10% of the plan selected by the new member. You will continue to receive 10% of their selected plan for as long as you both remain active members.
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How The Program Works

Multiplied Discounts

Yup, for every member you recommend, you receive an additional 10% recurring discount until your membership is free.

Multiple Busniesses

You didn't hear it from us, but you can refer your own businesses and receive the 10% recurring discount as well. Work smarter, not harder.

Applied Automatically

For each new member you recommend, we will apply the discount directly to your membership payments.
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Common Questions

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